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This days made of ennui[*],
The previous days the same.
Ive got the wish to flee,
Im taking notes again.

This man is made of grey.
Hes drifting with the stream,
Preferring to obey.
Youd better blow off steam!

This girl is full of grace.
Its gifted by the lord.
By me he wont be praised
For that just give the nod.

This kids yet full of hopes,
The world is big to him.
Its big until he grows
And dirt replaces beam.

But water may have ripples.
What is the stuff of mine?
Dont want to notice people
But still cant rest sick mind.

I see the temptin sky,
I feel its falling down.
Its pressure bears no flight,
Its cleanness bears no ground.

Again I have to crawl
With haze in dreaming brain
To pass the mirrored hall.
Got used to wear the chain?

Of what is all this made?
From where is all this grown?
With what is all this laid?
What do bout this I know?

The wall is made of glass.
We are the kids to pass,
We are the flies that smashed
While flying to the light,
Were able just to crash.

But tearsre still all childs hopes.
The world is still in flame.
For what Im taking notes?
Its possible for fame.

The pleasures made of fake,
It always has its price.
Its hard to make a break
Its harder to arise.

The skys by rain still bleeding,
The winds on wings still flying,
The suns in thoughts still living,
The kid that grown is crying.

Our tears are made of pain,
And pains the mark of life.
Im truly deep insane.
And will you make this dive?


* Ennui (.) , ; ; .

© Marstem

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