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Therere shadows everywhere
No sun in skies again
No any distant star
Our eyes keep only pain
It hails thoughtless prayer
This place with cruel laugh
Shes very cold in there
The Night, my sweet beloved

While searching for the answers
Why alls in such a way
With questions act as lancers
To learn without delay
One morning I will know
The truths not free of charge
Ill hear the laugh of Snow
And life wont mean as large

This time I will not care
For how could leave this spell
Go out of despair
And break this rotten shell
Ill lose the wish for Show
Wont listen to the Rain
And life by blood will flow
Ill make mistake again

Its hard to find the highway
From to the better place
But still there is the highway
Just meet the sun-born rays
Wont follow the white rabbit
With Alice to the hole
Its here alls up down
Theres no need to fall


© Marstem

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